Complete interior decoration

In 2021, we created the complete interior decoration for the Papilonia butterfly house in the Hamleys toy store in Prague.

This space had a number of construction limitations due to the load-bearing capacity and composition of the structures, and in particular significant limitations in terms of material and functionality of the space, as butterflies are very sensitive to chemicals, temperature, and humidity.

Papilonia Praha

We have been with this unique project from the very beginning.

As part of the entire execution, we participated in the design of the space and project documentation in coordination with the construction and the designer. According to the client's assignment, we created several variants of a possible thematic interior solution, of which the "Jungle with an Extinct Civilization" variant won. Subsequently, we prepared the overall design, visualization, and project documentation for the interior solution. After sampling the materials and a series of consultations with the client, the construction itself took place within 5 weeks in order to meet the planned opening date.

Papilonia Praha

Proof of the client's satisfaction is provided by his statement and continued cooperation in the construction of other Papilonia franchises.

Papilonia Praha

Flight zone segments, that we’ve built

  • Artificial rocks on the wall, including a waterfall
  • Themed painting of walls and ceiling
  • Artificial pond
  • Inca temple and statue
  • Hatchery
  • Stone floor
  • Other decorations and props
  • Real Flowers

Reception desk/entry segments that we’ve built

  • Artificial rocks on the walls with fire protection
  • Wooden reception desk and window frames with LED backlight
  • Wooden lockers
  • Other decorations

Client's statement

"In 2021, SLP created the interior of the flight zone, reception, advertising, and guidance system for us in Papilonia Prague. The company was selected through tender and after approval of the design and styling the building began in very difficult conditions. For example, some work took place only at night and in a limited time frame under financial pressure. I appreciate the management and employees of this company for many reasons and for really high professionalism through the project, but also in terms of communication and humanity. The execution turned out to our satisfaction, even so that we decided to include the company among the mandatory suppliers for the subsequent executions of Papillonia in the Czech Republic and the EU."

Ing. Zbyněk Černý, Papilonia

Ing. Zbyněk Černý
CEO Papilonia