We are a Czech creative workshop. Simply put, we can create almost anything.

3D Advertising and Dummies

Would you like to create an XXXL model of your product? That isn’t a problem for us. We can re-create your product in almost any size, including miniatures, product dummies, and promotional items. We will be happy to assist you with 2D or 3D structures for your advertising media as well. We can also install everything we produce, so all we need from you is to brief us.

Movie sets and decorations

Are you planning an exhibition, team-building, or a company party in a particular style? Or are you shooting TV commercials, TV series, or movies? We can build and create decorations from any historical or modern era, including sci-fi and fantasy designs and sets. We can adapt everything to your spatial and financial capabilities. We are also collaborating with several decoration rentals and can combine everything so that it looks realistic and believable.

We mainly focus on the advertising industry. Our goal is to be flexible in creating quality products for our customers, regardless of what their vision is.

Replicas and Props

Whether it's a work of art based on your favorite TV series or the props required for your video, we can make it for you. What we can’t print on a 3D printer, we can model, cut, or create out of clay. We work with a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes to achieve the perfect result.

Prosthetics and Mascots

Do you need a mascot that will represent your brand or, for example, a "full-head" mask of a monkey to shoot your TV commercial with? We will be happy to prepare an original graphic design for you, based on which we will produce everything. Every piece is then a work of art, and an original. If you need to make a series of the same mascots, that isn’t a problem either, we can do it.

Whether you're planning to film a movie or throw a space-themed party, we're here for you. We can materialize even the craziest ideas.

Costumes and Accessories

Do you need to dress up your entire team for a company event? Or do you need a costume or accessory for your TV or internet commercial? We will be happy to prepare a design, including a cut, choose the right materials and tailor everything to your liking.


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